5 Great Things about Living Single

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  • December 23, 2019

There’s a special kind of freedom about not having to be considerate of another person 24/7. And let’s all admit it, it’s kind of nice when we don’t have to share all our space and stuff with another adult. When you need to look at the bright side, try being grateful for these small and simple things divorce grants us:
1)Being the master of the TV remote
You now have control of the remote 24/7. Watch what you want, when you want. Flip the channels, raise the volume, and binge watch your favorite series undisturbed. Oh yeah and you also get to control all the other household entertainment devices and electronics.
2)Getting a peaceful night’s sleep
Isn’t it nice to completely stretch out in the middle of your bed with no one twisting and turning or snoring next to you? And no one stealing covers or hitting snooze for the 6th time. Claim that bed as your own sleep haven. Sweet dreams!
3)Having the master bathroom all to your self
More counter space. Check! More shelf space. Check! Less mess. Check! No wet towels on the floor. Check! Toilet seat always in the right position. Check! Turn that bathroom into your own little spa retreat.
4)Controlling the house thermostat
Tired of living in an icebox? In a sauna? Who wants the thermostat set at 67? Who likes it at 72? Your choice now! You alone decide the comfort zone! Ahhhhhh!
5)Enjoying all that extra closet space!!
When was the last time you had enough closet space? Isn’t every woman’s dream to have more closet space? Now you got it! All yours! Time for a shopping spree.

Be the queen of your castle and continue to find one small thing after another to be grateful for.

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