5 Things a Divorce Coach Can Do for You

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  • February 24, 2020

Let’s be honest. Going through a divorce stinks, but you don’t have to do it alone. Seeking the help of a trained professional can ease your journey. Here are five things a divorce coach can do for you:

1)Help you maintain your sanity
All the stressors of a divorce can make you feel like you’re losing your mind! It’s a crazy time filled with many powerful mixed emotions. A divorce coach can help you fully acknowledge and process your emotions and then help you move forward in a productive way. What a relief when the emotional drama is turned into a sane, rational process.
2)Keep you on a forward moving path
Feeling stuck? When you are overwhelmed by the many life-changing decisions you are faced with, a divorce coach can help you focus, set priorities and plan your next step toward moving ahead and getting what you want.
3)Save you time and money
As your thinking partner, your divorce coach can help you organize and prepare for the legal process and devise relevant questions for your legal team. Your divorce coach can also help you tackle the mounds of divorce-related paperwork. All this will save you time and money spent at the lawyer’s office.
4)Connect you to other professionals
Your divorce coach can provide reliable references to an entire team of professionals you will likely need throughout the divorce process and beyond. This list includes financial planners, realtors, lawyers, mediators, accountants, mortgage brokers, therapists and counselors.
5)Guide you to be your best self
Divorce brings out the worst in people. Both parties often feel vulnerable, threatened, upset and angry during this tough, life-changing transition. A divorce coach can help you maintain your integrity, release your resentments and anger and help you live in a manner true to your morals and values.

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