5 Things to Look Forward to

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  • January 28, 2020

When you are feeling blah, it can really help to have something special to look forward to. So get out your calendars, make some fun plans and stick to them! It doesn’t matter how simple or elaborate those plans are, just do something special every day, week, month and season! Anticipating future activities and events brightens our everyday lives.
Here are a few ideas:

1)Have a ritual to celebrate each new season.
Examples may include: going apple/pumpkin picking in the fall; visiting a festive holiday-themed village in the winter; strolling through your city’s botanical gardens in the spring; attending an outdoor concert at the beach or park in the summer. Traditions provide meaning and joy to our lives!

2)Plan a date.
Pick one day a month to have a standing date with a friend or group of friends. For example, plan a lunch date at a different restaurant on the first Friday of every month.

3) Schedule some TV Time.
Get hooked on an uplifting show or ongoing series. Disappear into that make-believe world for an hour or two every week.

4) Talk.
Schedule a daily 10 minute pick- me-up phone call with your mom or your other best friend who always knows how to make you smile. A little pep talk can lift your spirits.

5) Plan a guilt-free day off.
Don’t let your vacation days go to waste. Get a babysitter if you have to and enjoy a full day to yourself. Unplug and do something you enjoy. Shop, go to the spa, take a hike, garden, read, make a craft, take a day trip, do something out of the ordinary, or just curl up on the couch and relax. Take time off to recharge and refresh. You deserve it!
Having something to look forward to will help you get through the day, the week, the month, the year and your divorce!

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